Interested in a serious Bible Study in the St Pete area?

The Bible claims for itself authority unlike that of any other writing, being the very Word, and words, of God, and that it is both alive and powerful and sharper than any knife or sword in piercing to man’s innermost being.

This website is an outreach to Believers in the St Pete community who long for the opportunity to fellowship with other Believer’s in God’s Word in a Bible focused study not part of any denominational attachment or for any fund raising purposes.

Long ago, a man known as Anselm of Bec wrote a little book with a fabulous title that captures the essence of this opportunity:  Faith Pursues Understanding.  In its original Latin, the title was given as Fides Quaerens Intellectum; Fides is of course Faith, and Intellectum is Intelligence or more accurately Understanding; Quaerens is the root of the English words Quest and Quarry (where quarry is both a noun, as for a precious metal mine, or a verb as in pursuing something of great value).  Our Faith is God’s gift to us.  But that gift is a motivation to understand ever better who God is, and thereby reciprocate in adoration.  That motivation, or pursuit, is at root the underlying purpose of any serious study of His Word.

Given our city’s name, it seems appropriate to begin with a study of the two Epistles written by the Apostle Peter.

Please respond with comments expressing your potential interest in participating in such a study.  Any next steps will seek to follow God’s leading in the hearts and minds of His own.